Cookies Policy

In this policy, we have covered what are cookies and how they are used. We have a clear detailed explanation on how the cookies are used on our website. Basically, cookies are used to improve the user experience on our platform. There are many types of cookies which can be used to track the interests of the users and provide them with relevant information as they like or want.

What are cookies?

Our WebPages use cookies which is a text file that we store in your computer to save your preferences. However, cookies do not tell us your email id or other personal information, not unless you provide us by registering on our website. In case if you provide us with your details, then your information may be linked to the data stored in the cookie. The main purpose to use the cookies is to understand site usage and improve the content and offerings of our website. We may also offer you products, programs, and services based on the cookies. All cookies are stored locally on your computer so you have the choice of managing the cookies from your end. You can block or delete the cookies and all major web browsers allow that. If you wish to know more about cookies you can refer to the privacy features of your browser.

Mainly we use only two types of cookies to determine the usage of the user.

The different cookies can be categorized into four types. And you can change those in your local browser's settings.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are used for the functioning of the website as these are used in the context of the personalization for the users.

Performance and analytical cookies

These types of cookies are used to track the performance of our site and they are location based. These cookies help us improve the products for the users.

Behavioral cookies

Behavioral cookies are responsible for providing the content based on your interests and needs. These types of cookies are basically used by third parties and they track information like name age and gender. This can also track how many times you have visited our website.

How to control cookies

Most modern browsers accept cookies automatically but you can change that in your browser's settings. If you like to block, delete, or restrict the cookies which are stored by websites, you have the option to change it from the browser. If you choose to block all cookies from your browser's settings then it is possible that you may lose access to certain parts of our website. In case you choose to delete the cookies from your browser we may not be able to remember things about you and start afresh.

Browser cookies settings

To understand the complete procedure of deleting, blocking, or saving new or older cookies you can use the help section of your browser. You can also visit for details, you can find all about the management of cookies on this website.

How to deactivate behavioral cookies

To stop or deactivate behavioral cookies you can go the given link and you’ll be redirected to a Google page.

Click on this link:

How to deactivate analytical cookies

If you want to stop the functions of the analytical cookies used by our website you can follow the given link to the Google analytics.

Notification of change

This cookies policy is subject to change and we reserve the right to change this policy at any given date and time and the users of our website will be notified of the change in our cookies policy. All the users of this website are responsible for the use of the cookies used by this website.

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