How to Change Outlook file Location for Both OST to PST Format?

by David Abraham | On January 23, 2019 | Under ms outlook


The Outlook uses the default location i.e. C Drive to save the OST and PST files. This can you need to change manually if required. Usually, the heavy OST or PST files slow down your system, due to having a large data-files. Therefore, to minimize the load of C: Drive, you can simply change the Outlook file location from C Drive to another drive. Here we have compiled a list of ways to change the Outlook OST and PST file location.

The location change will take place in two parts which are explained below:

Part 1: Change the default location of OST files:

The default location of OST files while using Outlook is “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook”. Simply follow the below-given steps to modify the default location:

Important Note: The location which you have configured to save the new OST file, will act as the Default save location for every new OST files. The files you will create in the future will be saved on the newly created location whereas the location for old files will not be changed.

Part 2: Change the location for PST files:

The default location for PST files on MS Outlook 2016 is: “C:\Users\Username\Documents\Outlook Files”. In order to change the location for your PST files, follow the below-given steps:

This is how you can change the location of your OST and PST files on your computer. It is advisable to perform the steps carefully, but if you have lost your access to your OST or PST files while performing the location-change, you can use OST file recovery tool for OST files or Outlook PST repair tool to recover PST files. Both the tools are equally effective in recovering your data.

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