How to Deal with the Stuck Emails in Outbox?

Posted on February 18, 2019
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Usually, we see our emails stays in Outbox for a long time or stuck in the Outbox folder. This slow down process of sending or receiving emails. If you find your email jammed in Outlook try the below-given recovery methods. But first, understand what is inducing the error. The list of major causes of trapped emails in Outbox are listed below:

Common reasons for Outlook emails getting stuck in Outbox:

How to release the emails stored in the Outlook Outbox?

First, you must keep an eye on the possible reasons for the causes. Once you find the exact cause of the issue, try any of the below-given recovery methods.

Method 2: Change the Outlook connection settings?

Before going to the solution of the error, make sure the mail server is not showing as offline. The stuck email won’t move out from the Outbox till you change the status of the mail server from offline to online.

Checking and changing the status of Outlook mail server takes few mouse-clicks. Just follow the below steps:

Open the Outlook client on your device and check the options Microsoft Exchange is showing up as connected, if not change it as “Connected”
If the status is showing up is as Working offline, go to the send/receive and click on Work offline. Once you are done doing this, click on Send/receive and make sure Work offline is disabled.
If the Status is showing Disconnected, make sure you have the proper supply of internet

Method 2: Resend the Email:

If email is stuck inside the Outbox folder, resending the email is another option available. If you are able to send the email, the problem is resolved.

Method 3: By Using OST to PST Converter Software

Apart from the above-given methods, you can try other alternatives such as decreasing the size of attachment and providing the password every time to you make a change in it.

If you are not able to resolve the issue using the above-given methods, try using OST to PST converter tool. This tool is an ideal way to fix the damaged or corrupted PST files. This tool is proficient to deal with all sort of data damages and provides you data in all new PST file. It smoothly recovers the large-size OST file and then split it as per your choice.


If you are not able to send the emails using MS Outlook email client due to being stored and stuck in Outbox, try the OST to PST converter tool in order to get rid of the problem.

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Two Effective Methods to Convert OST to PST File

Posted on January 29, 2019
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MS Outlook saves all data in OST file in the absence of Exchange server connection. Offline Storage Folder (OST) allows the user to work offline and later synchronize the changes with Exchange server when connected. This is the best way to complete the daily work target using Outlook, in the case of poor connectivity. The OST file saves on the computer of the user and hence has nothing to do with the mishappening taking place exchange servers such as crashing and corruption. But when OST file becomes inaccessible due to any reason, chances of losing the changes made in offline mode arise. So, to retrieve the data of an inaccessible OST file, converting it to PST format is the must-to-do trick.

Let’s unveil possible reasons for converting an OST file to PST:

Here are the ways to Export OST file data to PST:

Log in to your Outlook using the Exchange account that you used to create OST file. In order to export OST file data to PST, follow the below-given steps:

Method 2: Use “Archiving” to save OST emails to PST

If “Archiving” is enabled, Outlook emails of OST file gets stored on in new PST files. Also, saving your mailbox items in Archive helps you maintain the size of your mailbox at the finest level. So, follow the below-given steps in order to create an Archive folder for your mailbox and save it wherever you want:

Once you are completing the steps, the items of your OST file now be saved in PST file according to the archiving settings.

Convert OST and PST in a straightforward manner:

Recovee OST to PST converter is a professional tool which allows you to convert and 25 emails per folder. It is one of the comprehensive ways to deal convert OST files to PST format in the absence of Exchange profile and Exchange server connectivity. It has a simple interface which lets the novices work without any hassle. Also, using this software, one can convert multiple files at a time.

Click on “Select File” button on the home screen.


Now choose the OST file from the drive location and get the complete preview of the file.


Select the format and the location where you need to save the file.


Though there are manual ways available to convert your OST file to PST format, using Recovee OST to PST converter the conversion becomes easy and straightforward. Also, you can convert multiple emails at once.

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How to Fix Outlook “0X80072f06” error?

Posted on January 4, 2019
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Outlook error code “0X80072f06” is still a topic of debate because the major reason for it is still unknown, but users have reported that it mostly occurs while updating the offline address book (.oab) from the exchange server. There can be a line of reasons for this error, such as:

To fix the error code “0X80072f06” try the below-given OST file recovery methods:

Perform the system restore:

Restoring system is the solution to many technical glitches. Follow the restore the default settings of your MS Outlook product, try the below-given steps:

After this, follow the on-screen directions and the entire process will take few minutes for completion. Once the settings are reset, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Delete the existing OAB file:

The already stored OAB files can be the cause of Outlook error code “0X80072f06”. The lack of synchronization of the OAB file Exchange server can be the reason behind the occurrence of the issue. So, once the synchronization is completed, the error will be resolved automatically.

Using Recovee OST to PST converter:

This OST recovery tool is one of simplest solution to the errors troubling Outlook users. Recovee OST to PST Converter software is loaded with intuitive features which make it more effective as well as the straightforward solution, to issues like Outlook error code “0X80072f06”. It clear all sort of corruption from OST files and makes them easily accessible. The features mentioned underneath add extra starts to its performance:

Recovee OST to PST converter is a highly recommended tool to fix OST errors. This budget-friendly tool is best for all.

How to fix ‘Cannot open your default email folders’ Outlook Error?

Posted on January 2, 2019
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MS Outlook is leading is the perfect email client and server for Windows as well as Mac devices. It is known as the most user-friendly email service thus has a huge database of global users.

Irrespective of the bundle of impressive features and an intuitive GUI, it has few loopholes such the sudden occurrence of technical hitches. These unexpected and uninvited issues cause great stress among MS Outlook users.

There are numerous forums as well as open-discussion platforms which allows users to share their concern with the entire community of Outlook-users. All such platforms are evident that issues are occurring in a very regular and repetitive fashion. One of the common technical glitches is “Cannot open your default email folders” which is basically the result of OST file corruption.

Let’s see why OST file corrupts in a detailed manner.

Online Storage table (OST) is basically the clone of the original mailbox on the MS Outlook Exchange server. This file keeps updating itself by synchronizing at regular intervals. So, it makes the mailbox data accessible to users even in the absence of server connectivity. However, a few times, use OST file become inaccessible and this can happen due to a plethora of reasons.

Common Reasons Why OST files Become Unapproachable:

How to fix the OST file corrupted issues?

In order to troubleshoot the corruption issue with OST file, the below-given steps can help if performed carefully:

Clear the silent Outlook profile:

The Error Caused by Compatibility Mode:

Compatibility mode is not necessary for the execution of Outlook while using Windows operating system be it Win 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. So, avoid using the compatibility mode while using an application on Windows-based devices.

If you are running Outlook incompatibility issue, the below-given errors are most likely to happen:

To disable the compatible mode on 64-bit Windows operating system, follow the underneath mentioned steps:

If compatibility mode is not visible try the below-given steps:

Recover OST to PST converter:

The Recovee OST to PST converter software which is designed to deal with the accessibility issues with OST files.

Using this comprehensive tool, one can repair or re-create the damaged or corrupted OST files without worrying of data-loss. OST recovery tool has a very user-friendly interface which makes the recovery easier than ever. Also, the quality of recovery is ensured while using Recovee OST to PST converter. Moreover, with this intuitive software, you can import the corrupted or inaccessible OST files in bulk and recover them all at once.


The above -described issue can lead you to data loss and affect your productivity. So, follow the given troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue in one go. Above all, using a professional tool like Recovee OST to PST converter is the most straightforward solution to such complex issues.