Fix the Exchange Server synchronization errors with OST Converter Tool

Posted on March 23, 2019
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The sudden halt in the functioning of MS Outlook can encourage fear of data-loss among users. By the time MS Outlook gets stuck, it becomes hard to complete your day to day routine. Most of the time Outlook crashing and Outlook stuck issue occurs due to downtime of the Exchange server. Furthermore, such errors keep the users from accessing mail items, such as messages, contacts, notes, attachment and more. If the issue is not resolved on a timely basis, the whole of Outlook application becomes inaccessible.

When the Outlook comes across any such issue, the data can be restored from the Outlook OST files. The OST files allow the users to work offline and access the data stored on MS Outlook. When the connection between the exchange server and OST files re-establishes, the data automatically gets converted into PST file. But due to the exchange server errors, the automatic conversion of OST file to PST format gets affected. At such moments it becomes difficult to access the mailbox data using Outlook and this can be only fixed by converting the files manually.

When you are working in the Offline mode, the mailbox local copy gets stored on the Exchange server. But when the application fails to synchronize the OST file and MS Exchange server, an error message gets displayed on the screen by the name of:

Error synchronizing folder [8004011B-3EE-8004011B-560] Unknown Error.

Due to the error given above, it becomes difficult for users to execute the communication via email and Outlook becomes inaccessible to the users. The issue can be either associated with the mailbox or the Exchange server profile. Due to such errors, it becomes difficult to access the Outlook and the data stored in it. The corrupted user profile can be one of the reasons behind it. The solution to this is; converting the file into PST format. The conversion can be done by using the Recovee OST to PST converter, which is specially designed to convert the inaccessible OST data-file to a new and accessible PST file. It works proficiently in every case of server crashes, server downtime, account deletion, corruption or virus attacks.

Using Recovee OST to PST converter becomes necessary when the automatic conversion stops working. This tool is perfect for every user group. It takes only a few moments to convert large OST file to new PST file. Not only it recovers the emails but also retains other data such as attachments, appointments, calendar, notes, posts, journals and more. The data is recovered in a structured manner so that saving it becomes easy for the user. This is the best option to save yourself from the loss of data which can occur while working with MS Outlook email client.

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Access PST Emails without Having the Password and MS Outlook Setup

Posted on March 12, 2019
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If you are using MS Outlook for a long period of time, you might have seen the default storage folder which is also known as “.PST”. MS Outlook automatically stores the mailbox data in the PST file. Every content whether, it is an email, attachment, note or, contacts, it automatically stores in the default PST files on the host device and the same data can be seen in the OST file on the Exchange mailbox.

FYI, PST file is the major source of backup to restore the data in case of any emergency such as hardware failure, power failure, storage corruption and more. Virus infections can also be the reason behind the inaccessibility of Outlook data. In such a scenario, it becomes very difficult to access data without having the Outlook setup on your device. The things turn even more complicated if the files are password-protected. Henceforth, it is mandatory to have a professional tool, which lets access password-protected PST files in such cases.

Recovee PST viewer is a perfect tool for accessing the PST data despite corruption, or password-protection. It is a freeware tool, using which one can restore the data from the corrupted or damaged PST file. Furthermore, it is a free tool with an intuitive interface and with the help of it one can safely open and view all the data stored in the PST file. It is compatible with every Outlook version including 2016, 2013 (both 32 bit and 64 bit), 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, 97. Apart from this, it works seamlessly on all versions of MS Windows.

To access the password-protected PST files, Recovee PST viewer is the best tool as it can be easily operated by the users even if they are from a non-technical background.

Let’s discuss how to access the password-protected file:

Using Recovee PST viewer, it becomes quite easy to look for MS Outlook PST file. This tool comprehensively retrieves the data from corrupted as well as damaged PST file and makes it readable to users. Moreover, users require nothing such as Outlook setup or any additional program to work with it. With this tool, the permanently deleted data can be effortlessly recovered by the users. The program is based upon complex algorithms so that users can fix the most abrupt corruption in no time.

The data that is retrieved will be displayed in an organized as well as detailed manner. Likewise, the password-protected data become accessible in no matter of time, even in the absence of MS Outlook.
With this tool, you can have an elaborated view of data stored in the PST files such as attachment, notes, calendar and more. But if you need to save the retrieved data it is advisable to go for premium Recovee Outlook PST repair tool.

Download Outlook PST Viewer Tool

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What are the Ways to Fix MS Outlook 2016 Search Issues?

Posted on March 4, 2019
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Usually, our Outlook mailbox remains flooded with emails and managing them is definitely not a cake walk. Users receive numerous emails on daily basis, especially the professional ones and thus dealing with the heap emails become a cumbersome task.

Sometimes, you need to find an email which you receive quite a long time ago but the giant pile of emails makes it difficult for you to find the one. Scrolling the entire inbox can be a hectic option which no one truly considers.

In such cases, you can simply “Search” option which is available in Outlook 2016. But if you are not able to find the exact email in the search bar, you must pay attention to it. In such cases, you can try the available recovery methods. Here we will discuss the approaches which can fix the improper or broken search in MS outlook:

Check the Indexing status in Outlook 2016

Before you try any troubleshooting method, you can check the indexing status in MS Outlook. Check if any of the indexing files are left on the indexing or not. In order to check the indexing status, follow the below-given steps:

Search tab is Missing:

If the search tab is missing from the menu bar, you need to add it manually using the below-given steps:

Rebuild the Index using Repair Menu Option:

Once you are placing the search tab, you need to rebuild the index using Repair menu. If you find that the Outlook file tab is not being indexed or you are not able to get the exact results from the search bar, you can use the Advanced Indexing options to rebuild the index:

Important Note: It takes some time to complete the index rebuild procedure. Once completed, restart your device.

Check the MS Outlook 2016 Index Status

After rebuilding the indexing status, if you still face issue while using the search option in MS Outlook, you need to check the status of Outlook 2016. Make sure that the MS Outlook 2016 is present in the Indexing option. Use the given steps to check:

Repair the Outlook Data File:

If you are still not able to fix the Search issues with MS Outlook, after using the rebuilding or indexing, try to repair the PST file.

To fix the PST data file, you can use the inbuilt utility named as SCANPST.exe. This tool is super handy for fixing the damaged PST files. The path of ScanPST.exe for different Outlook version is different. Here is the path of the tool for:

Once you are Done Finding the Tool, Perform the below-given Steps:

Repair PST File using Recovee Outlook PST Repair Tool

Recovee Outlook PST Repair is a professional tool to fix the issues such as damage, corruption, and inaccessibility with the Outlook PST file. This tool is designed to work flawlessly with every size of the file and deal with all sort of PST related issues. It consists of numerous jaw-dropping features and clean interface which are perfect for beginners as well as professionals to use. Also, the quality of data remains intact after recovery.

Download Outlook PST Repair Tool


The search option is a very handy feature of MS Outlook which helps you find a particular email from the haystack of emails. But if Search option stops giving accurate results, the user must do the needful to fix it.

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