How to Deal with the Stuck Emails in Outbox?

Posted on February 18, 2019
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Usually, we see our emails stay in Outbox for a long time or stuck in the Outbox folder. This slows down the process of sending or receiving emails. If you find your email jammed in Outlook try the below given recovery methods. But first, understand what is inducing the error. The list of major causes of trapped emails in Outbox is given below:

Common reasons for Outlook emails getting stuck in Outbox:

How to release the emails stored in the MS Outlook Outbox?

First, you must keep an eye on the possible reasons of the causes. Once you find the exact cause of the issue, try any of the below-given recovery methods.

Method 1: Change the Outlook connection settings?

Before going to the solution of the error, make sure the mail server is not showing as offline. The stuck email won’t move out from the Outbox till you change the status of the mail server from offline to online.

Checking and changing the status of Outlook mail server takes a few mouse-clicks. Just follow the below steps:

Open the Outlook client on your device and check the options, Microsoft Exchange should show up as connected, if not change it as “Connected

If the status is showing up as “Working offline”, go to the send/receive and click on Work offline. Once you are done doing this, click on Send/receive and make sure Work offline is disabled.

If the Status is showing Disconnected, make sure you have the proper supply of internet

Method 2: Resend the Email:

If email is stuck inside the Outbox folder, resending the email is another option available. If you are able to send the email, the problem is resolved.

Method 3: By Using OST to PST Converter Software

Apart from the above-given methods, you can try other alternatives such as decreasing the size of attachment and providing the password every time you make a change to it.

If you are not able to resolve the issue using the above-given methods, try using OST to PST converter tool. This tool is an ideal way to fix the damaged or corrupted PST files. This tool is proficient to deal with all sort of data damages and provides you data in a new PST file. It smoothly recovers the large-size OST file and then splits it as per your choice.


If you are not able to send the emails using MS Outlook email client due to being stored and stuck in Outbox, try the OST to PST converter tool in order to get rid of the problem.

Download OST to PST Converter

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The Best Guide to Fix Outlook PST File Corruption Errors

Posted on February 6, 2019
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There are various causes which promote corruption in PST files, and thus one must thoroughly understand what is causing the corruption of PST file. There can be numerous reasons behind corruption, so let’s divided them into two categories; corruption resulting due to hardware failure and corruption due to software failure.

Corruption due to hardware failure:

Due to device failure: If a few hard disk sectors have been developed on your device, there are chances that those damaged sectors may lead to the corruption of your PST files.

Incorrect Networking device: While locating a PST file on a network, there are chances that the network cables, interface cards, routers, and hubs are creating hindrances which needed to be fixed in order to access the file. If the network issues cannot be resolved in a proper manner, corruption is more likely to happen in such cases.

Power failure: If while accessing a PST file, your device turns off suddenly due to a connection loss or power failure, huge destruction of PST file can be caused. This will lead to massive corruption in PST file.

There are various ways to deal with the corruption of PST files if caused due to hardware failure. The most common solution is to keep your UPS in the apt position to avoid power failure and further the corruption of PST files.

Corruption due to software failure:

Software issues can be divided into three categories i.e. virus attack, inappropriate settings, and sudden closure of MS Outlook program.

How to recover corrupted PST files:

In order to recover the data from PST files which have been corrupted due to hardware or software failure, one can utilize the Scanpst.exe or rely upon third-party software available on the web. Both the recovery methods are mentioned below, follow them step-by-step and get the problem fixed:

Using ScanPST.exe:

The primary way to fix Outlook file corruption is ScanPST.exe. With this tool, you can easily retrieve the damaged or corrupted PST files. Follow the steps to perform the recovery:

Recovery for corrupted Outlook PST File:

Recovee Outlook PST repair is one of the proficient ways to repair the corrupted PST files, also, it includes a number of effective features. It will repair the corrupted PST files and retrieve the lost PST files data. This tool lets you preview the file before you save it. Follow the steps given below to recover your corrupted PST files:

Download Outlook PST Repair Tool

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