How can you resolve the 0 bytes outlook error?

Posted on December 24, 2018
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How can you resolve the 0 bytes outlook error?

The MS Outlook PST is used to store the data of outlook mailbox. And sometimes it is vulnerable to some types of errors or issues like the accessibility, corruption, or file size issue. But most of the times outlook functions normally and give users the satisfaction of performing well. But sometimes in a weird way it gives an error which is stated as 0 bytes file. Now users are left to wonder what to do with it. Well, we have put together every information about the 0-byte error and how to resolve it. So go through our blog and resolve the issue of 0-byte.

First, Let us find what 0-byte error is

When you access your mailbox through Outlook you access PST file which has a specific file size. But due to some errors, you cannot access your mailbox and it is reporting that the file size is 0 byte. When the user manually tries to check it from the default file location, the size is showing 0 bytes.

How this 0-byte Error Occur

There is no specific cause of this error but mostly it occurs due to the failure of the hardware systems during the file in use. When you are accessing the file and suddenly due to the failure of RAM system crashes and with it, the file is also corrupted and showing 0 bytes.

The Type of Recovery we can Perform

Now, you won’t be able to access the file normally. To recover the corrupted file you have to repair it from the Outlook itself. Yes, Outlook provides inbox repair tools to repair the corrupted files and here are the type of recovery methods you can perform on the 0 byte PST file.

Now, let’s take a deep look at these methods

Recovery from the Backups of PST File

It is always suggested to create a backup of your regular files. If you are one those people who create the backups of their data like PST files then you are in luck. From those backups, you can restore the data but you might not get the latest updates you did on your mailbox after creating the backup.

Recovery from the archived PST files

Outlook performs a backup of all the data by itself and it is known as archived files. These archived files are stored at a different location than the PST files. So when the error occurred it would not have affected the archived files. Hence you can go to the archived files location and retrieve the backup from there.

Use Our Software to Perform Recovery

When do not get the expected result from the above methods you can try our Outlook PST repair tool to perform recovery of your PST file. You can use our tool’s awesome features to resolve this 0-byte error with ease. Our tool performs recovery very fast and accurately. With the interactive interface, users can use it very easily even for the users who are not from the technical background. With our tool, you can repair the large PST files too.

Features of our Outlook PST repair Tool

There are some other features as well of Recovee Outlook PST repair tool which are not listed here. We also have the trial version available to download free and once you are satisfied with our tool you can proceed for the full version.